Sunset Park Restaurant Spotlight

Sunset Park Diner & Donuts in Sunset Park, New York

Sunset Park is a community in Brooklyn, New York. The neighborhood is part of the western region of the borough. It's close to numerous other Brooklyn communities such as Bay Ridge, Borough Park, Dyker Heights and Park Slope. is a website that features extensive information regarding the area.

People who want to sample the local food offerings in the neighborhood don't have to worry. The community is home to a handful of high-quality restaurant options.

Sunset Park Diner & Donuts is located on 5th Avenue in the center of the neighborhood. It's merely a brief stroll away from other dining spots such as Kofte Piyaz, New Victory and International. The neighborhood is great for people who are enthusiastic about global fare. Turkish, Chinese, Peruvian and Mexican dining options are all readily available.

The diner specializes in classic and traditional All-American foods. It's open at all hours of the day and night. People who want to pop in at 3:00AM to enjoy nice meals can easily do so. Breakfast offerings are a big focal point at the diner. Although breakfast is a highlight for the dining establishment, it also serves many foods that are appropriate for both lunch and dinner. Diners can satisfy their desires for all types of food at this celebrated and popular Brooklyn eatery.

The atmosphere is pleasant yet "no frills." People who love signature diner environments will certainly appreciate this place. It's a terrific spot for people who simply want to unwind and nosh on old school diner delights. Since the diner has a classic and simple vibe, it looks rather nostalgic and like it hasn't changed in many decades. That's part of it's strong appeal with customers.

Breakfast options on the diner's menu include egg sandwiches, French toast, pancakes, omelets, muffins and toast. The diner is a comfortable destination for people who are looking to satisfy hunger with English muffins, croissants, corn muffins, cheese omelets, scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, pork bacon and more. Corned beef hash is also a big hit with customers.

Although this eatery has a reputation for serving some of the finest breakfast meals around, it's not exactly shabby in the lunch and dinner departments either. Many diners head to this establishment every day to munch on filling and hearty lunch and dinner dishes. Paninis are popular among diners. Examples of the kinds of paninis that are on the diner menu are grilled chicken, roast turkey and fried eggplant. The restaurant is also a major attraction for people who simply love all kinds of sandwiches. Salad, pork, chicken, fish, beef and cheese sandwiches are all available to diners. People who enjoy salmon filet, chicken cutlet parmigiana and corned beef sandwiches regularly visit this laid-back dining spot. Other menu highlights at Sunset Park Diner & Donuts are veggie burgers, hamburgers, grilled chicken salads, chicken teriyaki, macaroni and cheese, penne vodka sauce, chicken souvlaki, brisket of beef and sirloin steak. Although the menu has a primarily American focus, there are several exciting international meal choices available to diners, too.

Dessert, last but not least, is also on the menu at this calm an inexpensive diner. People who can't resist sweet foods can choose between an assortment of doughnuts. Fancy doughnuts and French crullers are available as well. Other amazing dessert choices are ice cream (coffee, strawberry, vanilla or chocolate flavors), rice pudding, jello, pie and cake. The rice pudding and jello desserts both come with delectable whipped cream.

Service at this eatery is always detailed and impeccable. People who love friendly servers who always work hard may wish to visit this Brooklyn staple.