J'adore Love Photography Studio

Life offers us brief moments of beauty and happiness that feel so rare, it's no wonder people go to such great lengths to preserve them. It takes a distinct and artistic perspective to capture, a smile, laugh, or glance in a way that displays its genuine emotion.

Based in Sunset Park, New York and specializing in weddings, engagements, and baby pictures, the J'adore Love studio is on it's way to becoming Brooklyn's premier photography venue. Comprised of husband and wife photographers, Efrain and Jennifer Hernandez, and cinematographer, Chanel, J'adore Love has blossomed into what customers are describing as "the very best", not only within the community, but across the state of New York.

Since many J'adore Love customers are often referrals, they've probably already seen the studio's work before that initial call is made. Once photographers and clients are sitting face to face, the team gets to know the couples and the details surrounding their engagement, and by the end of the meeting the couples have become intimate with the people who will document the journey down the aisle and into forever.

Not only has Efrain and his crew taken pictures in many of the most beautiful locations throughout Brooklyn, but they have photographed destination weddings all over the country, showcasing the splendor of each environment in a way that most people rarely have time to notice. The culture and diversity of their clients shine through every photograph, capturing the spirit and energy of that special connection between two people. Since Efrain began his company in 2010, the name J'ador Love has risen from a local startup to a source of inspiration for marriage hopefuls, attracting customers with the passion and color that has shone so visibly in his work.

For some people, the photographer is the most important element of the wedding. Customers want to feel connected to the person behind the lens, and they want to know that person loves being there. Others just want to have fun and they want a photographer who can help create a memorable experience. J'Adore helps his clients feel confident, amazing, and worth every bit of the time and energy he invests into them. He walks each customer through the shooting process, displaying samples of his work and helping them understand what they can expect to receive in exchange for their financial investment. By doing so, customers feel a sense of reassurance, knowing they will never regret choosing him as their photographer.

One thing that makes the J'Adore crew so unique is the group's willingness to take advantage of every opportunity to find a great shot. Perceiving the apprehension many of his clients feel, he finds a way into their shoes, exhibiting patience, professionalism, and the ability to improvise when things are slightly awry. Customers have praised Efrain and Jennifer for their almost magical adeptness at setting their subjects at ease. And when the shooting environment is less than ideal, the Effrain and his team are eager to test the boundaries of their creativity in order to find inspiration for a great shot. J'Adore Photography has grown so much that customers have begun to reach out from across state lines, booking destination weddings and Efrain is always more than happy to accommodate.

Over the years, J'adore Love has transformed into the most well-known businesses in Sunset Park, and is celebrated for its brilliant portraits of New York's various cultures.

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