Sunset Park Rises to the Occasion

On the Western waterfront of the borough of Brooklyn lies Sunset Park, a neighborhood which has become known in part for harboring the borough's first Chinatown. With this tidbit of history it's no wonder that Sunset Park is known for its Chinese New Year Celebration. This annual event takes place on 8th street which is lined with Chinese businesses, grocery stores, Buddhist temples, and a Hong Kong Supermarket.

This is one of the largest and fastest growing Chinese enclaves outside of Asia, and their Chinese New Years Parade is fittingly spectacular. The streets are always full of the bright flashy nick knacks, fresh ripe fruits and vegetables, shoes, clothing, fish for eating or as pets, religious items, and all the other goods and services offered. In addition to all this, before and during the parade it comes alive with all the brightly lit decorations, flowers, and hanging lanterns. Lucky for us there is also a Lunar new year which incites them to do it all over again.

Another yearly occurrence that is a bit harder to pin down is the presence and parties of Mister Saturday Night and Mister Sunday, the monikers of Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin. They are event hosts who go around throwing parties done properly with rules and regulations and good times all around. Every summer they end up calling Sunset Park their home, and the locals and visitors are sure to be shown a good time.

Justin and Eamon started out as a pair of buddies who would throw shows, but since its inception it has grown into a world renowned record label. Known for having the friendliest dance floors, these two have been throwing parties together since 2005 and have dialed in what it takes to make it fun for the door man, the bouncers, the dancers, the DJs, and everyone else involved. Their recurring presence in Sunset Park is a crucial and revitalizing aspect that gives the neighborhood a breath of life.

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