Sunset Park's Local Community

Sunset Park is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Brooklyn, New York. This neighborhood of 150,000 residents has a large Latin American population and the largest Chinese community in Brooklyn. Bordered by the neighborhoods of Park Slope on the south, Bay Ridge to the north and Boro Park to the east, Sunset Park has a western border facing the New York waterway. This gives residents stunning views of Manhattan, Staten Island, New Jersey and Downtown Brooklyn.

The park for which the community was named covers 24.5 acres. From the park, visitors get perfect views of the Statue of Liberty. There are lots of green spaces with playgrounds and a large public pool that has been used to train athletes for competitive events. Recently, the Brooklyn Nets basketball team moved its training facilities from New Jersey to new headquarters in Sunset Park.

When Manhattan prices started to escalate, many businesses from Chinatown started to purchase vacant store fronts along 8th Avenue in Brooklyn. Now, along 8th avenue from 42nd street to 68th street, one can find a string of Chinese grocery stores, restaurants, Buddhist temples and community organizations. Initially, most of the business owners were Chinese but gradually there has been an influx of other new residents from Southern Asia including Vietnam, Thailand and other areas.

During the summer, the streets are filled with Latin rhythms and the smell of Latin cuisine. For some of the best Asian fare, visitors can find restaurants, sandwich shops and even Asian supermarkets for a selection of exotic foods and ingredients.

There are many small businesses and bodegas that carry fruits and vegetables from Mexico, Central and South America. You can also find botanicas that offer a wide selection of candles, art work and religious statues as well as traditional clothing and jewelry.

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